Our sapphires.

For Anais de Andres one of her greatest premises has always been to know the true source of her raw material, the history behind each material and the people who make it possible for them to reach her hands, for this reason she only creates her jewelry from responsibility. and honesty that are in line with those who today our Casa Anais de Andres has a very special partnership,Wennick - Lefèvrewho select and certify each of our gems.

Wennick - Lefèvre is a gem company specializing in responsibly mined and cut natural gemstones.

A Wennick-Lefèvre gem is the guarantee that you will have a unique gift from Earth. Only an untreated natural gemstone is a true representation of our planet - pure, beautiful, and complex.

"An untreated natural sapphire is like holding the planet in your hand."Svend Wennick, Owner and CEO.

Untreated natural gemstones are considered the finest and most precious. Only 1% of sapphires set in jewelry are truly natural, while the remaining 99% are man-made to reproduce their beauty. Wennick - Lefèvre focuses especially on the natural sapphires of Madagascar.

Madagascar is the only place on the planet where sapphires of all the colors of the rainbow are found. Each sapphire comes with full documentation and transparency, which is possible because Wennick-– Lefèvre is one of the few gemstone companies operating across the entire supply chain. This is to ensure the highest gem standards and working conditions are met throughout the supply chain. The precious stones are accompanied by a book with their history and a certificate of origin.

Wennick - Lefèvre is a partner of EdenForest, - for every gem that reaches your hands, a tree is planted in Madagascar, our premise will always be to give back to the planet with gratitude and infinite love for giving us so much.