The House




For Anais de Andrés each of her pieces can travel in time and be located in any

latitude and coordinates of the world; that is why elegance has no sense of time or space, it only exists.

The House, founded on a piece of the Caribbean, has inspirations and experiences from Mediterranean,  Caribbean and the most enigmatic landscapes that Anais has been  around the world  with touches of each idiosyncrasy.


Anais de Andrés, an elegant, cultured woman with a great taste for travel; seeks to rescue the making of timeless exclusive jewelry, combining the most exotic leathers of Europe  in line with the particular attribute of the  925 silver, 19 karats gold-plated  and Swarovski crystals. 



From the design to the acquisition of each piece by Anais De Andrés, there is a story full of emotions, twists and enigmatic landscapes that for more than six years have been synonymous of exclusivity, elegance and experience for the brand.