Bespoke Jewellery


Experience the magic of bespoke jewelry with our custom-made service that brings your unique vision to life!


Contact us with a simple click on our pop help window or send us an email to 

1. First Meeting: We'll have a detailed consultation to understand your vision, preferences, and budget. We're excited to learn about your desired design, metal type, gemstones, and any specific details to create your perfect jewelry

2. Design proposal: We will provide a design proposal with sketches, pictures of selected gemstones, and revise it as necessary until you approve the design.

3. Material selection: We will assist you by selection the materials for your jewel, such a metal type, and gemstones and of course we will tell you the story behind the gemstone, quality, cut, color and sourcing to ensure transparency and informed decision making. 

4.Crafting process: It's time to bring your design to life, now is the perfect moment to transform your unique design into a reality!

5. Delivery and presentation: Each jewel is  delivered with the book that tells the story of your gemstone, the certificated of origin of each sapphire and a postcard with a note for you, if this special jewel is a gift feel free to request a  postcard with the illustration and note from you to your loved one.

Delivered in an elegant pink box with a beautiful bow Once your jewel is completed, we will ship it to you using UPS express service.