The House


The pieces by Anais de Andres are born to tell love stories, full of life. Stories that are inherited from generation to generation and transcend with the elegance and timelessness that characterizes the jewels that we treasure in our lives, loaded with feelings and personal emotions.

Anais de Andres is a jewelry brand founded in 2012, currently based in Greece, and born out of passion for sapphire stones. This particular gem and the creator developed a spiritual bond thanks to the talismanic properties that this precious stone possesses.

Anais has taken it upon herself with a lot of commitment to responsibly find the best quality raw material. Our sapphires are 100% natural gems, sourced from the largest sapphires deposit in the world located in Madagascar.
Each of the steps we take at Anaís de Andrés, from design to final delivery, seeks to get closer every day to practices that reflect our values, inspiring our clients to consciously participate in the world of fashion.